Consulting Services
We provide consulting services in the following areas:
(i) Industries – assistance and problem-solving in the process operations and designs.
(ii) Academic – workshops and supervision of research-based projects.
(iii) Community – assistance in the start-ups and running of the community-based projects.

Workshop & Training
We provide educational and technical training in the form of workshops to both academic institutions and private industries and these include the following:
(i) Scientific and Technical writing
(ii) Design and analysis of experiments.
(iii) Advanced Microsoft Office tools.
(iv) Presentation and Public speaking skills.

Chemical & Analytical Services
(i) We supply chemicals/reagents.
(ii) We provide analytical services.
(iii) We design the formulations of materials.
(iv) We provide troubleshooting solutions.

Waste Management Solutions
(i) We offer advice in the handling of waste from chemicals, polymers, plastics, and tyres.
(ii) We also offer solutions to recycling and re-use of solid waste material.
(iii) We develop a full waste management plan and strategies in line with the legislation and regulations governing your institute.